Dublin Lodge up again for sale, price lowered to $65mil

Lease free landed project Dublin Lodge has actually once more been pushed out using expression of interest for a more affordable list price of $Sixty Five mil.

The Area Nine project was previously pushed out in Feb, with the retain value set at $Sixty Seven point Five million.

Considered to be about 35-years old, the project is positioned on a discreet dead end at Dublin Road. It presently possesses 8 strata landed alongside floor areas of in between Two thousand Five hundred Sixty Two sq foot and Two thousand Five hundred Eighty Three square feet.

Normanton Park condominium

Dublin Lodge takes up a 2,510.2 square m plot that is zoned for home use beneath the 2019 Master Plan. The building is also amongst the two floor mixed private location.

Promoting and marketing operator Cushman & Wakefield said the plot may be rebuilt into a single separated residential property or be split into 10 personal terraces, dependent on the validation of appropriate bodies.

” This is definitely a compelling venture to get an enchanting resource as landed housing business opportunities over at the perimeter of Orchard Rd are infrequent,” stated Christina Sim, Director of Capital Markets at C & W.

” Its excellent core position, lease free tenure as well as most importantly, its sought after address will certainly be strongly demanded.”

Significantly, Dublin Lodge is in close proximity to Somerset train Station and also is a 10-minute commute to the CBD.

Sim added that since every of the eight homeowners have actually supported the deal, there is zero need to put up to the Strata Titles Board for a transaction request.

The expression of interest activity for Dublin Lodge ends on 4Jan2K22.

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