About 1,700 Flats Surrendered To HDB In Last 5 Years, Says MND

Nearly 1,700 flats were surrendered to the HDB in the former five years, shared Senior Minister of State for National Development Sim Ann in Parliament on 2March.

Among these, approximately one-half were two room units, 1 out of six were 3 room units, and 1/3 were 4 room or possibly much bigger flats, she stated.

Normanton Park showflat

Sim prepared the announcement in feedback to MP Gan Thiam Poh’s question on the total of Housing and Development Board units resold to HDB, the reason the flats were re-selled and also if Housing and Development Board may consider providing these types of units on its open booking process.

Sim noticed that around 1,000 of the entrusted units happen to be on brief leases and consists of small apartment, 2 room Flexi units gotten on a short-term rent as well as units that proprietors opted for LBS.

” Owners of quick contract flats who no longer desired to hold on to their public housing or who had actually come to be unequipped to execute so, are obligated to entrust their flats to Housing and Development Board. These people are not at all allowed to offer these units on the market,” she announced.

The further seven hundred units get surrendered mainly as a result of updates in the situations of the owners in their MOP. Such property owners were not allowed to resell their Housing and Development Board flats on the market as these people had not met their minimum occupation duration.

” The most regular reasons for abandonment of units happen to be divorce, split of fiancé-fiancée couples, as well as recall of matrimony,” mentioned Sim

Housing and Development Board reimburses owners of surrendered public housing and resells them by means of the Sale of Balance Flat routines.

“If the public housing remain untaken after the SBF exercise, they may possibly then be given in the public booking,” added Sim.

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